The People in Remote Area are Starting to Experience Electricity - The people in the remote area have difficulty getting electricity so far, but after the government of Maluku Province cooperated with the New Zealand government in the field of renewable energy, the people of Seram Island are starting to experience it.

"This program is very good, NZMATES has been supporting PT PLN, the provincial and district governments in providing the light, in order to support community economic activities," said the Head of Bappeda of Maluku Province, Djalaludin Salampessy, for Siwalima, at the Maluku Governor's Office, Tuesday (1/10).

He admitted, in remote areas electricity is needed by the community to support the economy and most people rely on fishing at the sea for their daily income and if there is no electricity, how is it possible for people to buy cold storage or refrigerators to store fishery products before being distributed to the market.

"With the electricity program in remote areas, it has begun to be experienced by the community and their economy has improved," Salampessy said.

He said, the meeting that was held at this time was in the context of the evaluating the first phase of the program that had been carried out by the New Zealand government on Seram Island.

"So this is the technical committee meeting and there may be input related to the program that has been running for a year on Seram Island specifically for electricity in the remote areas and future plans will be carried out in all districts and cities," he said.

Meanwhile, the Program Manager of NZMATES, Mauricio S Peralta, explained a series of activities in Maluku until 2023.

"In the first six months of 2019, we have implemented electricity program in 9 locations of remote areas on Seram Island, such as Central Maluku Regency, then in Sekaru Village Amahai District, Manawoko Island, Pulau Panjang District, Tahalupu Village in West Seram Regency, Niniari Village, Haya Village and Sanahuni Village," he explained.

He admitted, in the end NZMATES also provided technical assistance to sites that had been built by PLN and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

"Our plan in the future will be to visit 12 more locations and in the first year proposal there are indeed 42 locations throughout Maluku," he said.

In addition, he added, the program that was carried out initially focused on Seram Island but the reach became wider such as Southeast Maluku and Tual City.

"Specifically for the first year pilot project, we will focus on revitalizing the existing PLTS in the location which is damaged and we provide assistance in technical and socio-economic assessments. We also provide recommendations for what improvements to the PLTS will be like," he explained.

In addition, NZMATES also collaborated with Unpatti (Pattimura University) and the Ambon State Polytechnic to support students specializing in renewable energy.

"Because renewable energy is very important for students and how young people in Maluku can later work in the renewable energy field, that has already been done," he said.


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