NZMATES Provides Training on the Stages and Methods of Carrying Out Feasibility Studies for the Village Electricity Program for PLN MMU Staff

New Zealand-Maluku Access to Renewable Energy Support (NZMATES) provided Training on Stages and Methods for Carrying out Feasibility Studies for the Village Electricity (Listrik Desa, LISDES) Program for PLN Maluku and North Maluku (MMU) staff. This training was held in the MMU Region PLN Building Hall, Ambon City, Maluku, Wednesday-Thursday, January 18-19, 2023.

NZMATES and UNPATTI Launches Pūngao Pattimura Mini-grid Training Lab

On July 4th, 2022, NZMATES held the inauguration ceremony of the Pūngao Pattimura Mini-grid Training Lab. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives from Bappeda Maluku, PLN, Dinas ESDM Maluku, and Pattimura University. The event started with online remarks from the New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia, Kevin Burnett, as well as in-person speeches from the Head of Bappeda Maluku, Dr. Anton Lailossa S.T., M.Si., and Rector UNPATTI, Prof. Dr. M.J. Saptenno S.H., M.Hum.

Dissemination Event for Maluku Provincial Energy Plan (RUED) 2022 - 2050

On Thursday, 30th June 2022, Dinas ESDM Maluku with the support of NZMATES programme held a dissemination event for Maluku's Provincial Energy Plan (RUED) 2022 - 2050. The event was attended by stakeholders in Maluku's energy sector, including Assistant for Economic and Development of the Regional Secretariat Maluku Province, Ibu dr. Meykal Pontoh, as well as the Head of Maluku's Energy and Mineral Resources Agency (Dinas ESDM), Pak Abdul Haris. 

Agreement Signed for Pulau Tiga Refurbishment Project

Residents of Pulau Tiga, which consists of 56 households and a small resort, currently rely on a diesel generator that operates only 12 hours a day for electricity access. Consider the economic and livelihood potential that residents of Pulau Tiga could achieve with reliable electricity access, supporting PLN in the refurbishment of Pulau Tiga solar PV mini-grid was one of the first projects initiated by NZMATES.

NZMATES with Dinas ESDM Held Electrical Hazard and Industrial Workplace Safety Training for Solar Plant System

As part of NZMATES efforts to build RE-related capacities of work health and safety, NZMATES together with Dinas ESDM held "Electrical Power Hazard and Industrial Workplace Safety Training for Solar Plant System". The 3 days training was carried for three days from May 23rd, 2022, to May 25th, 2022. 

NZMATES Holds 7th Technical Committee Meeting

NZMATES held its 7th Technical Committee (TC) meeting virtually on Thursday, 7th April 2022. The meeting was facilitated by the Maluku Development Planning Board (Bappeda), and attended by Dinas ESDM Maluku, PLN MMU, and NZMATES.

NZMATES presented the progress activities up until March 2022, and discussed the work plan until October 2022. Despite the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, NZMATES has been able to achieve an increase in its capacity building activities. NZMATES also received useful information and inputs from our stakeholders during the meeting.  

NZMATES First Field Trip Since the Pandemic

February began with the first field trip since the pandemic started. The trip was made to conduct field surveys and technical assessments on the feasibility of building new solar PV mini-grids.

Divide into two teams, Aru team and Tual team. The Tual team spent two days in Desa Mangur Niela (8-9 February) and Desa Tiflen (10-11 February). While the Aru team spent three nights in Desa Ujir (8-11 February) and one night in Kolaha (11-12 February).

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