Isra Amin Ali

Job Title:
Senior Community Engagement Officer

From the community and back to the community. Isra Amin Ali has experience working and studying together with the community through empowerment programs in Maluku Province for about 10 years under the flag of local and international institutions such as the Bina Swadaya Foundation, UNIDO, Mercy Corps Indonesia and USAID.

He has worked on empowerment activities carried out as a form of concern for the community, both in the city and rural areas, for poverty alleviation and improvement of living standards. These activities cover various aspects such as the development of the private sector in underdeveloped and special areas, economic development based on sustainable local potential, community organizing and local resource mobilization, building partnerships to develop productive groups in villages and build resilience in dealing with the impacts of climate change and disaster risk. In addition to interacting with the community, Isra is also experienced in building relationships and cooperation with the government and other stakeholders.

Isra holds a bachelor degree of Economics (development studies) from Halu Oleo University, in 2004, and is currently pursuing his master degree in sociology at the faculty of social and politics at Pattimura University.  As a native son of Maluku and having worked and studied with the people in Maluku, Isra understands the characteristics, customs and culture of the Moluccan people. With this experience, he aims to strengthen the NZMATES Team in its program implementation, which is in line with his position in the NZMATES Team as Community Engagement Officer since September 3, 2018.